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Always try to think twice before you buy snap on teeth

What can you do if Snap On teeth is not a good option for you?


March 10, 2021 in Cosmetic Dentistry, by Ismilegurus



If you want to improve your smile, There are many ways.A new way is snap on teeth. A lot of people are getting snap on teeth, Are they worth the try? Can snap on teeth harm you rather than benefit you? Let’s find out.

Snap On Smile, What are they?

Snap-on teeth hides the imperfections on your teeth.These teeth are not a bridge).  snap-on teeth are fit at home. They are made of plastic and can be removed. Here’s how they work:


  1. Snap on teeth can be ordered online.
  2. Can be customized using hot water.
  3. They will take the shape of your teeth.
  4. Redo: if not satisfied.

Pros of snap-on teeth

You can get a snap on smile as cheap as $29


Cons of the snap-on teeth

Might not fit perfectly and this will result in affecting the speech.

  • Might not feel comfortable.
  • They might look funny
  • Poor quality compared to porcelain veneers.
  • removing snap on teeth can be difficult.
  •                 Cant drink hot coffee

Disadvantages of snap-on teeth

Cant eat food with snap on teeth on.


  • Plaque might form
  • Decay might happen

snap teeth

Snap on teeth other Alternatives

You can do some other Cosmetic dentistry  to enhance your smile.

  • teeth whitening at office or at home using teeth whitening trays.
  • Veneers: installing expensive teeth veneers made of porcelain.
  • installing crowns.
  • Dental implants:  is a great solution for missing teeth.

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